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Based in Sydney, VMAX FINANCE is a passionate, full-service finance brokerage firm that empowers forward-thinking people and innovative businesses to take full advantage of their potential.

Our team specialises in the whole suite of credit submission, approvals and funders - but we also take pride in handling your funding proposal from A to Z. That way, you know you are in good hands.

Having over 30 years combined experience providing expert financial advice and tailored finance solutions fo both businesses and individuals, our team's passion and business philosophy inspire us to help people achieve their goals through finance every day.


We unlock opportunities and wealth for you through institutional funding, non-conforming, mezzanine, non-bank funding and private funding.


Our Investment Advisory committee brings you decades of industry expertise and experience in driving our tailored investment solution approach, portfolio construction and allocation advice. You're in experienced hands.

With investment solutions and investment opportunities that are best in the industry combined with substantiated research, unyielding passion and the most effective investing tools available today, we enable clients to explore promising opportunities and wealth in Australia.