private lending

private lending

We can help you to access to all the private, non-bank lending products we can find in the Australian market.

Short Term Loan

Fund needed in less than two weeks - urgent land settlement, ATO debt, pre-bankruptcy and working capital shortfalls.

  • Rates from: 5.50% pa

  • Maximum LVR: 90%

  • Loans up to: $100M

Commercial Loans

Medium to long term debt for leveraging existing property assets.

  • Rates from: 2.9% pa

  • Maximum LVR: 90%

  • Loans up to: $1B

Land Banking 

Debt for raw land or sites being held for development.

  • Rates from: 6.00% pa

  • Maximum LVR: 70%

  • Loans up to: $500M

Construction Finance 

Debt and preferred equity to finance property development, subdivision, apartment units, townhouses, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

  • Rates from: 4.95%pa

  • Maximum LVR: 90%

  • Loans up to: $500M

Residual Stock Loans

Loan for developers needing to payout construction finance using unsold development properties as collateral.

  • Rates from: 4.5% pa

  • Maximum LVR: 70%

  • Loans up to: $250M

Agricultural Loans

Loans for regional and agricultural projects.

  • Rates from: 8% pa

  • Maximum LVR: 65%

  • Loans up to: $500M

Note: Pricing and maximum LVR will vary depending on the location, facility size, type of asset and quality of overall transaction.